About Me

This blog is about the adventures of our family life, tips and ideas we come across to make family life easier or more budget friendly.

You may be wondering about my blog name, well my husband is King of the Monkeys and everything he knows was taught to him by his mother, he has, as all students do, surpassed the master and is in the process of training up our four children in the monkey ways.

Cheeky Monkey is 7yo and likes to imagine his future as a scientist, rock star, palaeontologist, building engineer who drives race cars in his spare time.

Diva Monkey is 5yo, she loves purple and hopes to be a rock star fairy ballerina, well she did yesterday.

Princess Monkey is 3yo and is Cheeky Monkey's apprentice especially on school holidays, she loves flouncing around in pretty things and alternates between being a princess and a puppy.

Baby Monkey will be 1 in September she thinks sleep is for the weak but she's already walking, is very vocal and is very cheeky. She also loves pink anything pink in our house gets claimed by Baby Monkey instead of a sock monster we have a Pink Monster one of her nick names is Pinky she follows Princess Monkey around and tries to tackle her and sweeten her up with a hug then make off with anything pink she has.  Row the boat and if you're happy and you know it are her favourite baby songs and must be repeated ad nauseum.

As you can tell we love to encourage our children's imagination and monkeyness ;) something everyone should embrace.

I am simply Queen of the Monkeys, who loves our cheeky monkey ways,  we run amok and play with our kids and teach them important life lessons like treating others as you wish to be treated (which helps rein in the monkeyness on unsuspecting public). I love reading and dreaming about one day having plenty of space for the monkeys to run around in and having a sustainable self sufficient home and land.

Thanks for visiting my blog

Queen of the Monkeys.