Children's Birthday Planning

With 4 kids and most of our birthdays in the last few months of the year we need to plan ahead the only thing is King of the Monkeys dislikes looking past the next thing that is going to be a big expense but I think this is where prudence really pays off.

This year is party year for our older two so as I saw things come up on clearance sale think $10-$25 items at $1-$2 or a really good special I purchased them and it saved a lot of money overall. I had all the themes sorted by Easter this year, loot bag and giveaway items bought when a change of product sale happened

Cheeky Monkey had a transformers birthday earlier this year before the third movie came out I snagged heaps of great toys and related products that had come out after the second movie that were then going to be old stock as the third movie came out the kids who came loved them!

Princess Monkey is turning 4 on October 25th and requested a Dora birthday but as we only have birthday parties every second year her party will be next year so little is required to make her birthday special though we will still do a few small things for her like a pink layer cake.

Diva monkey will be 6 on December 20th and with the school year finishing here in Queensland on December 9th we're looking at moving it forward to either the first or second weekend in December and she also likes Dora still though has requested purple fairies on a purple layer cake for her actual birthday and when there was an awesome clearance on Dora party supplies loot bags and a couple of fillers for only a $2 ea so I already have her party supplies sorted.

Planning isn't always about being prepared as for the most part I am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl but I find it pays off to have your ideas and themes early, even having present ideas early means you are more prepared and the prudence pays off when you come across a great special or sale.

As I post on party planning and themes I'll add the links in here.

Do you need to start thinking about a birthday party?

Queen of the Monkeys