Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The reason my crafting isn't done... yet

My husband the ever wonderful King of the Monkeys who until the end of May this year worked away from home his stints away would range from 6-12 weeks with 4 days to 1 week off. And on Friday we got a job offer we couldn't refuse. So I spent most of the weekend with him and the children, Sunday he left at lunch time drove 2.5 hrs with his baby sister to help her pick up a car and he didn't get home until 6pm, yesterday we celebrated Princess Monkeys 4th birthday she got what every 4 year old monkey wants, their very own soft monkey toy ;) and some books.

So after helping King of the Monkeys set up our tent to air out this week (yes we're going camping but that's for another post), pack his bag, take notes on what I need to make sure is ready for the wedding and his mum coming to babysit the kids, I'm sitting here and I have this scene in my head as I always do when he goes away to work, as he used to fly out to another part of the country to work away so our goodbyes were public and in the airport (until we had baby monkey and had too many people to go see him off for our car) This job at least will only be 2.5 hours drive away so we'll see him every weekend.

There will be tears in the morning as our kids, who simply adore their daddy, realise he isn't here (hopefully none from me) I always miss him but it's a necessary evil in these rough economic times to make ends meet and I've got my Christmas craft and presents to organise so I can blog about them so I'll be busy enough after the children are in be.

And whilst yes isn't going off to save the world as a Rigger on the Powerlines his job is indeed dangerous.

After watching that I think I'll need to start planning some date nights for when he is home ;)

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