Monday, 15 August 2011

If you're blessed and you know it...

 Excuse me for a minute while I indulge in some King of the Monkey bragging will you?

 I'm very blessed to have this wonderful man in my life and here is just one of the many many reasons why...

Last week we were hit with tummy bugs, it started with Cheeky Monkey getting sick at school Monday, never the best time and we were stuck with car troubles (brakes not working) 45min away and our possible back ups unavailable. we came to a solution but took a couple of hours and involved King of the Monkeys nudging our car to his sisters house, whilst Princess and Baby Monkey and myself hunkered down there while KOTM borrowed a car. Super Daddy to the rescue!!! KOTM got both Cheeky and Diva monkeys from school, stopped by our house grabbed some supplies and jetted back to fix our car. Yes he really is talented (I may be biased as I am sadly one of those who knows nothing about cars, I can however read the manual and figure out where stuff is and where things like oil and brake fluid should go)

10hrs later problem fixed, KOTM covered in oil and other gross stuff, he could finally go home and I'd driven the kiddie monkeys back to the house at hour 7.5, after Cheeky Monkey had spewed all over the floor of course. Of course that wasn't the end of the tummy bug story.

Cheeky Monkey slept alright until about 4am when we were woken up early with him feeling poorly and Diva Monkey wasn't too far behind poor mites were very sick and KOTM and I spent Tuesday and Wednesday nights tag teaming so we both got some sleep and so, I took the first sleep shift only because Baby Monkey sleeps then.

Then Thursday evening I was suddenly feeling crook I figured it was from lack of sleep as I was entering hour 20hr of being up and not much sleep and thought it was that but no the dreaded tummy bug had been shared with me unlike the oldest two it only lasted 12hrs however it started before Baby Monkey went to sleep. She's very muchly a Mummy's girl so hardly slept a wink and in turn King of Monkeys didn't either he was awake from 7.30 Thursday morning until late Friday night so I could recover and not infect baby monkey. It's now Monday we're all recovered and no one else sick thank goodness!

Yes I think he's awesome!

In fact to us he's a Super Man/Dad!

King of the Monkeys is so awesome I just had to share, if you're blessed and you know it you should share. Who is in your life that you're blessed to have? Have you told them?

Queen of the Monkeys xx

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