Thursday, 6 October 2011

Date nights at home - planning

I know I promised some baking recipes but currently King of The Monkey and I are attempting to have a date night once a month on the 7th (it's our wedding anniversary date) so this Friday night is our date night and it's my turn to plan it.

When you have 4 kids without planning nothing happens and our last few kept being interrupted by sick kids and baby monkey not sleeping more than a couple of hours a night for weeks on end so we're pretty determined this month it'll happen.

Due to in part the ages of the children, lack of babysitters, and finances we decided to stop waiting for when the kids are older and do them here at home, the kids go to bed early, one of us makes dinner or sometimes we make dinner together and we relax and enjoy ourselves together.

Dinner will be a yummy chicken, vegetable and rice dish, the chicken will be stuffed with basil, cashews and bacon in a yummy creamy dairy free sauce, dessert will be some yummy gluten and dairy free devil's food chocolate cake I can't wait. I'd share more details but I want to surprise King of the Monkeys a little and he reads before I post anything.

We think time for just us is important, it keeps you connected and united, we discuss a lot of things sustainable 'green' housing and day dreaming about our forever house is one of our favourite topics.

Somewhere we could do one of these for a date night at home would be heavenly.

It doesn't need to cost much except a little bit of time planning and making a little effort but the rewards reaped in your relationship are worth the time and effort don't you think?

Would love to hear your ideas on date nights in your house.

Queen of the monkeys

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