Thursday, 20 October 2011

Planning a DIY crafty Christmas - Decorating

This year I have decided to do a DIY crafty Christmas, I am torn between how far to take this due to time constraints as it is only

which mildly freaks me out as Princess Monkey turns 4 years old next week (how does that happen? I'm sure she just turned 3 but no here it is again), Diva Monkey turns 6 years old on December 20th (again I'm sure I just brought her home and she's grown before my eyes) and it's a party year for her which has to happen earlier in the month due to school holidays starting here December 10th and then my own birthday is December 8th.

Firstly you should know at heart I'm a list writer who usually ends up flying by the seat of her pants, anyhow so the current plan is to use what I have and as I was going to knit all the children a love wrap each, which is a blanket of knitted squares you wrap yourself in to feel the love of the person/s who made it for you but at over 120 hrs work each that just isn't going to happen this year and I'm not beating myself up over it. So I'm planning on using up the wool I had set aside for them I'm thinking it'll make a great activity with the kids teaching them (read conning them into helping) how to do wool pom poms to make a garland like this one

to put on our Christmas tree and over our house (which will likely drive King of the Monkeys nuts but it'll be worth it ;) lol)

we'll be making up our own mini Christmas trees with cardboard and again decorating them possibly with mini pom poms because a girl's gotta have a theme happening ;o).
I'll also be enlisting the children's help to make hand print reindeers and other fun things. I'm getting inspired and as we come to each activity I'll blog about it but the important thing is that I use what we have and that we have fun doing it :)

What kind of Christmas decorating do you do at your house?

Queen of the Monkeys

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