Saturday, 22 October 2011

What I'm working on this weekend

*** Firstly a disclaimer I have a point and shoot digital camera it's good for what we want it to and someday I'll have a fancy camera and learn how to use it in the mean time you'll have to put up with my photos as I try to keep it personal :) ***

This weekend I'm working on some pink party decorations, mostly the printables I found here, they are perfect for our Princess Monkey who adores pink, so here they are all cut up by my wonderful husband who couldn't sleep the other night yes we do strange things when we cant sleep...

 and here is after I messed them up trying to decide how to display it for Princess Monkey

and this is an old fashioned (but new) writing desk that King of the Monkeys bought for me ages ago as he was working away because I love crafting during the nights he's away and it seemed like a great project for me except Baby Monkey wasn't sleeping more than 3-4hrs in 24 so I was wrecked and obviously slept when she did so I'm hoping to finally decorate it this weekend.

we put this felt in 8months ago

planning how to work my paper on it

I think I want this paper at the front
 with the stripes on the side

Do you have anything crafty planned this weekend?

Queen of the Monkeys xx

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