Thursday, 27 October 2011

Thankful Thursday - Kisses and Cuddles

Today I'm linking up with kate says stuff and it'll be brief as my older three kids are unwell and I got to sleep after 3am and woken at 6am but I'm thankful for kisses and cuddles and the comfort it brings to them even if it is a cuddle at 2am ;)

What are you thankful for  today?

Queen of the Monkeys


  1. hope your kids get better :) me and my girl are ill too.. she slept all right last night {thank goodness!} but I couldn't sleep until 4am :( had to be up at 7am for work too!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. It's lovely how you can still be so thankful after so little sleep. I would not be quite so serene ;)

  3. I'm feeling your pain. Hope you're taking it easy today. xx

  4. Ahh I know it is really rough with the extra work and lack of sleep when kids are sick sometimes, but if you aren't too worried about them, the extra quiet and cuddles often makes me like it just a little bit :)

  5. Thankyou for linking up, especially on so little sleep!

    Hope rapid recoveries are made, totally agree with you :)

  6. You've all made my night so another thing to be thankful for - thank you for the wishes of well kids and sleep I appreciate them all :)

    Ai Sukara - oh no! I've had nights like that usually spent waiting for someone to wake up and the ratbags continue peacefully sleep the night away, hope you get some sleep tonight :)

    Crash test Mummy (love the name by the way) - after three years of varying reasons for very little sleep (hyperthyroid, grief, pregnancy related and then a baby with multiple food issues some I'm still working out who mistakenly believed sleep was for the weak and I spent 97% of the first 11months of her life dozing on the lounge at night getting 2-3hrs broken sleep a night so I take what I can get and drink a whole bunch of caffeine when I need it ;)I also realised as I came out of thee grief as much as we can we need to see the nice lighter sides sometimes in the midst of the storm of life and as I was thinking how much of a pain it is our toddler wanting to give kisses to her older siblings and then I realised she'd been paying attention to me and was trying to make them feel better with kisses (though mine are forehead/cheek type and hers are big wet ones on lips) and big cuddles she's really very switched on for 13months. I love that it was Thursday so I could blog it :)

    Kellie - I sure did I like to do bludge days where we cuddle up and do things like reading, movies and they quiet playing if they are well enough to fight ;) then I do easy dinner.

    Leah - haha short of them all losing their voices at once our house is very noisy even when they play quietly ;) but the cuddles are lovely as is early to bed because you're all sick and need rest ploy I did tonight.

    Kate - No worries, thanks for stopping by and nothing beats Mum's hugs when you're not feeling too good ;)

  7. I just had an "interesting" night with my 3 kids (read very little sleep!) and have the mother of all headaches today, but the snuggles do make things a little easier! They better sleep tonight though, I think they've all used up their snuggle points at the moment....

  8. Kirsty - I know how you feel I hope your night tonight is much better like mine was last night.