Saturday, 5 November 2011

Pinning Libraries

Today I'm linking up with Tina Gray (dot) me Ooh! That's Pinteresting and 5 minutes just for me.

I just love reading and when I'm feeling under the weather or it's cold and miserable outside, I want nothing more than to snuggle under a blanket and read a good book. To me it's comforting, so this week I've been pinning Library/bookshelf inspiration. I just love books but I'll do a post on that another day.

We're dreaming about and planning our future house, our forever home we hope, so it's important for me we have dedicated built in storage for books so whilst I dream my husband wonders where exactly we're supposed to put it ;)

So come dream with me...

I like the height of this, that it doesn't take up loads of space

With a beautiful view like this, I'd imagine many a cold winters day spent warming myself in the sun by this window all tucked up with a great book, could you?

I like this and how it's just off the kitchen but I think it needs more colour a little blue perhaps?

Do you think  anyone will notice if a bedroom mysteriously disappears and we end up with a library in the corner instead ;) Also love the dark timbers

I love this corner

I love this

I love this space and could and would easily fill it.

I love the built in desk idea I'm not too sure about the decorative nicknacks I'd prefer books though perhaps that's my parenting experience with young children which makes me shy away from them most especially Princess Monkey which an incident with a glass vase down far too low which resulted in a scar on my thigh

I love these around the entry way

or maybe something more like this...

This is the best shot I've found so far but I love how the tv space is open but separated by low bookshelves and includes more within the room

I love this though I'd probably incorporate a desk and more storage on the other side

I know our space won't stay as neat as they'll be moved frequently from lots of reading so will end up more like this, I just adore the seat she's standing on as I always just sat where I found a book, I've even been locked inside a couple of book stores due to losing myself in a book ;)

I love the secret room idea

If I could get away with it our book room would look more like this ;)

My dream library from a little girl was from Beauty and the Beast, I loved she read just like me, still do.

Thanks for dreaming with me.

What's your dream space?

Queen of the Monkeys


  1. Have you seen this Seeing these bookshelves and daydreaming of being in them is ahhhh bliss

  2. I hadn't seen it until now. I can see it turning into a new obsession though ;) thanks for the heads up :)

  3. Fun, fun, fun! Dreaming is good ...especially when it deals with books! I've been trying for years to decide where to build more book shelves ... all while my books clone themselves! Happy Pinning!

  4. Lol yes I totally agree with you there any book dreaming is good! As the kids bookshelves are filled and ours pretty much are too I've had a book buying moratorium placed on me, for now - the word e-reader was mentioned in the same conversation so as my birthday is coming up it's highly possibly I won't have to do without my love of new books to read I just won't have to worry about the shelf space ;)

  5. Wow, some of those spaces are amazing! I love the little nook near the window. Perfect place for reading...or napping. Thanks for linking up! x

  6. Oh wow, you are totally enabling my bookcase fetish. I've got a lot of pins like this too but most of these I have not seen! How wonderful to have such libraries! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. @Tina - I just love nooks, I have grand plans for many in our future forever house ;) My husband says he wants a secret room so loves that one.

    @Sarah - oh good I'm not the only one then was rather amusing recently to end up discussing book placement on a books shelf which was stuffed with many great books at a kitchen tea recently ;) I was very good and didn't start reading though, lol.

  8. Totally loving these pics. I would love to home a whole room dedicated to reading. Sadly in our house it seems to be called the bathroom! xx