Friday, 3 February 2012

I'm back!

Hi there!

So life kind of got in the way, what with the kids being sick in the first part of December due to colder then average weather (Summer forgot to make a proper appearance), Christmas, for which I handmade nothing but the kids enjoyed none the less, getting a new oven which is exciting as it's been 3 years since we had a working full size one! Washing, Washing. And yes even more washing! The rain keeps coming especially when we have a full line which with 4 children fills up quickly. Most of all just spending time with the kids especially Baby Monkey who has been having a terrible time teething during all this and subsequently meant not a lot of sleep happening.

It doesn't sound like much but it's kept us busy.

Cheeky Monkey and Diva Monkey went back to school last Monday to grade 2 and grade 1. Diva Monkey is slowly making friends (and the mothers in her class this year are far more friendly which is wonderful) and both are already trying to arrange play dates which we'll hopefully start in a couple of weeks, after Parent teacher night  and getting to know the parents and kids a little better.. Princess Monkey started Kindergarten, aka Pre-Prep this year, 1 day last week 3 this week then alternating 2 and 3 days a week for the rest of the year. She has met some lovely kids though it seems there is a small communication problem with the teachers in terms of if there has been an incident of some kind I need to ask before I'm told that I hope to address tomorrow. Any tips in approaching them are appreciated I always feel like I'm a kid when talking to teachers.

On the home renovating front. The project we're working on right now is our kitchen. My wonderful husband, King of the Monkeys, has been patiently DIYing it for the last couple of years and putting up with my nagging over lack of space and whatever else I thought our kitchen needed. I wasn't ungrateful for what we had don't get me wrong just more so dreaming out loud and finally we're close to finishing it! So this week he's been adding doors to our wall cabinets, painted the half of the kitchen (*sigh* it's so beautiful and feels much brighter! Love the blue!)  that we're putting new cabinets and bench tops and painting the wall tile splash back, he's only undercoat/primer so far but already much improved upon what it started out as! We just need to pick out a range hood and cook top which we're going back and forth a little on the merits of different styles and brands, scrupulously reading reviews both good and bad and . I'm taking photos as we go so I will post them when it's fully finished I may do a work in progress post though.

In other exciting news - King of the Monkeys and I have been married 8 years next Tuesday but as it's a school day they are all having a sleep over with the grandparents on Saturday night and we'll use the time to get the kitchen cabinets installed and King of the Monkeys has promised to make something delicious. I'm a little nervous about Baby Monkey as it's her first sleep over and hasn't spent more than a couple of hours away from me and even then usually with Daddy but we're only 40 minutes away if we're, well I'm needed. At least I can look forward uninterrupted conversation, eating dinner hot and at a normal pace, showering in peace at a more decent hour of the day and a restful night sleep.

Hope you day is sunny, it's raining here, I think maybe I should go splash in some puddles.

Queen of the Monkeys

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